Well, it has been awhile since I have written a post, the Fall semester was rather hectic as I was working on studio, a design competition, working 24 hours a week, plus two other classes…it was…well…hectic!

But I am back! And so in this post I am writing about a few trees I walk by on a daily basis during my journey from the Tasker-Morris sub stop in South Philadelphia, to my apartment in Passyunk. These descriptions are in part with a course I took this winter break at TUCC (Temple University’s Center City campus) entitled ‘Trees in the Urban Landscape’ with professor Bess Welborn.  A requirement of the course was to compile a journal of trees that we had identified over the week, locate those specific trees within the city and explain how one could identify them.  And so, I have done just that, the following few blogs will relate to this project, with some images to show locations of the selected species as well as how I have been able to identify them!  Hope you enjoy!